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“SYC has helped me realize that just because I am in a wheelchair, I can do things that I thought I couldn’t. SYC has helped me think of myself differently because I use to think that I couldn’t do many things, but SYC showed me I can. I think all kids should think about what they think they can’t do and try to do it. I will always remember SYC for how they helped change my life.” SYC Hunter

“We had such a wonderful time. So much love and caring went into making the weekend so special. Mitchell has a memory he will cherish for a lifetime and so do we. We look forward to coming back. Thank you for the fellowship and the time together.” SYC Hunter’s mom

“These hunters and volunteers for Special Youth Challenge Ministries are amazing and I am so glad I got the opportunity and hope there are many more to come. “ SYC Guide “Top 11 Reasons I love SYC”

  1. A chance to be with people like you.
  2. A Family.
  3. Hunting.
  4. A time to be with God.
  5. The chance to feel normal.
  6. Enjoying God’s great outdoors.
  7. Having fun!
  8. Seeing old friends.
  9. Meeting new friends.
  10. Fellowship.
  11. Food.

-Megan (SYC Hunter)